Accepted Papers

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We are delighted to announce the following awards for CHIIR 2022:

Best Full Paper Award

Winner: Comprehensive Viewpoint Representations for a Deeper Understanding of User Interactions With Debated Topics by Tim Draws, Oana Inel, Nava Tintarev, Christian Baden and Benjamin Timmermans

Best Short Paper Award

Winner: Want or Need: Why Would Users Expect to Conduct Cross-Session Searches? by Yuan Li and Rob Capra

Congratulations to the authors of these excellent papers!

Full Papers

You can watch the video presentations for the full and perspectives papers via the respective YouTube playlist.

"Mhm..." - Conversational Strategies For Product Search Assistants
Andrea Papenmeier, Alexander Frummet and Dagmar Kern
The Influence of Data Storytelling on Information Recall from Visualizations
Dominyk Zdanovic, Tanja Lembcke and Toine Bogers
COVID-19 Information Tracking Solutions: A Qualitative Investigation of the Factors Influencing People’s Adoption
Yue Huang, Borke Obada-Obieh, Elissa M. Redmiles, Satya Lokam and Konstantin Beznosov
Procedural Knowledge Search by Intelligence Analysts
Bogeum Choi, Sarah Casteel, Robert Capra and Jaime Arguello
Does Search Engine Optimization come along with high-quality content? A comparison between optimized and non-optimized health-related web pages
Sebastian Schultheiß, Helena Häußler and Dirk Lewandowski
Comprehensive Viewpoint Representations for a Deeper Understanding of User Interactions With Debated Topics (Best Full Paper Award Winner)
Tim Draws, Oana Inel, Nava Tintarev, Christian Baden and Benjamin Timmermans
Privacy at a Glance: A Process to Learn Modular Privacy Icons During Web Browsing
Maximiliane Windl, Anna-Marie Ortloff, Niels Henze and Valentin Schwind
The Effects of Domain and Search Knowledge on Learning Outcomes in Digital Library Use
Heather O'Brien, Amelia Cole, Andrea Kampen and Kathy Brennan
Watch Less and Uncover More: Could Navigation Tools Help Users Search and Explore Videos?
María Pérez Ortiz, Sahan Bulathwela, Claire Dormann, Meghana Verma, Stefan Kreitmayer, Richard Noss, John Shawe-Taylor, Yvonne Rogers and Emine Yilmaz
The Crowd is Made of People: Observations from Large-Scale Crowd Labelling
Paul Thomas, Gabriella Kazai, Ryen White and Nick Craswell
Situating Search
Chirag Shah and Emily M. Bender
Analyzing information resources that support the creative process
Yuan Li, Yinglong Zhang and Robert Capra
Featured Snippets and their Influence on Users’ Credibility Judgements
Markus Bink, Steven Zimmerman and David Elsweiler
Searching the Literature: an Analysis of an Exploratory Search Task
Ayah Soufan, Ian Ruthven and Leif Azzopardi
Learner, Assignment, and Domain: Contextualizing Search for Comprehension
Catherine Smith, Kelsey Urgo, Jaime Arguello and Robert Capra
Search Interfaces for Biomedical Searching: How do Gaze, User Perception, Search Behaviour and Search Performance Relate?
Ying-Hsang Liu, Paul Thomas, Tom Gedeon and Nicolay Rusnachenko
The Dark Side of Relevance: The Effect of Non-Relevant Results on Search Behavior
Mustafa Abualsaud and Mark Smucker
Inferring Search User Language Proficiency from Eye Gaze Data
Ben Steichen, Wilsen Kosasih and Christian Becerra
Partners in life and online search: Investigating older couples' collaborative information seeking
Winter Wei, Cosmin Munteanu and Martin Halvey
A comparison of dataset search behaviour of internal versus search engine referred sessions
Luis-Daniel Ibáñez and Elena Simperl
Turn and Face the Strange: Investigating Filter Bubble Bursting Information Interactions
Dana Mckay, Kaipin Owyong, Stephann Makri and Marisela Gutierrez Lopez
Reading Between the Lies: A Classification Scheme of Types of Reply to Misinformation in Public Discussion Threads
George Buchanan, Ryan Kelly, Stephann Makri and Dana Mckay
The Role of Latent Semantic Categories and Clustering in Enhancing the Efficiency of Human Sensitivity Review
Hitarth Narvala, Graham Mcdonald and Iadh Ounis
Theories of conversation for conversational IR (TOIS paper)
Thomas, Paul; Czerwinski, Mary; McDuff, Daniel; Craswell, Nick
Meta-Information in Conversational Search (TOIS paper)
Kiesel, Johannes; Meyer, Lars; Potthast, Martin; Stein, Benno

Short Papers

Perceived eHealth Literacy vis-a-vis Information Search Outcome: A Quasi-Experimental Study
Yung-Sheng Chang and Jacek Gwizdka
Diversity in the Music Listening Experience: Insights from Focus Group Interviews
Lorenzo Porcaro, Emilia Gomez and Carlos Castillo
The Effect of Visual Cues on Children’s Search Behavior in the Classroom
Monica Landoni, Mohammad Aliannejadi, Theo Huibers, Emiliana Murgia and Maria Soledad Pera
Engaging with Immersive Technologies in Medical Library: An Investigation of Students’ Perceived Affordances and Constraints
Yuxiang Zhao, Jingwen Lian, Shijie Song and Jun Ying
Ovarian Cancer Patients’ Search for Genetic Testing Information on the Internet
Siqi Yi, Yan Zhang, Ciaran B. Trace and Marian Yvette Williams-Brown
Identifying Gaps and Gap-bridging Strategies in Group Travelers’ Collaborative Information Seeking and Technology Use
Jia Tina Du
Understanding Creative Thinking Process in Searching for New Ideas
Catherine Chavula, Soo Young Rieh and Yujin Choi
Pairwise Review-Based Explanations for Voice Product Search
Gustavo Penha, Eyal Krikon and Vanessa Murdock
Want or Need: Why Would Users Expect to Conduct Cross-Session Searches? (Best Short Paper Award Winner)
Yuan Li and Rob Capra
The Effects of Interactive AI Design on User Behavior: An Eye-tracking Study of Fact-checking COVID-19 Claims
Li Shi, Nilavra Bhattacharya, Anubrata Das, Matthew Lease and Jacek Gwizdka
Age-related Difference in Conversational Search Behavior: Preliminary Findings
Zhaopeng Xing, Xiaojun Jenny Yuan and Javed Mostafa
Assessing Realism in Simulated Work Tasks
Anita Crescenzi and Lan Li
Generating and Validating Contextually Relevant Justifications for Conversational Recommendation
Sergey Volokhin, Marcus Collins, Oleg Rokhlenko and Eugene Agichtein
A User Study on Clarifying Comparative Questions
Alexander Bondarenko, Ekaterina Shirshakova and Matthias Hagen

Demonstration Papers

LFM-2b: A Dataset of Enriched Music Listening Events for Recommender Systems Research and Fairness Analysis
Markus Schedl, Stefan Brandl, Oleg Lesota, Emilia Parada-Cabaleiro, David Penz and Navid Rekabsaz
The Tag Genome Dataset for Books
Denis Kotkov, Alan Medlar, Alexandr Maslov, Umesh Raj Satyal, Mats Neovius and Dorota Glowacka
Interactive Assessment Tool for Gaze-based Machine Learning Models in Information Retrieval
Pablo Valdunciel, Omair Shahzad Bhatti, Michael Barz and Daniel Sonntag
SaL-Lightning Dataset: Search and Eye Gaze Behavior, Resource Interactions and Knowledge Gain during Web Search
Christian Otto, Markus Rokicki, Georg Pardi, Wolfgang Gritz, Daniel Hienert, Ran Yu, Johannes von Hoyer, Anett Hoppe, Stefan Dietze, Peter Holtz, Yvonne Kammerer and Ralph Ewerth
What is That? Crowdsourcing Questions to a Virtual Exhibition
Johannes Kiesel, Volker Bernhard, Marcel Gohsen, Josef Roth, Henning Schmidgen and Benno Stein
LifeRec: A Mobile App for Lifelog Recording and Ubiquitous Recommendation
Jiayu Li, Hantian Zhang, Zhiyu He, Rongwu Xu, Pingfei Wu, Min Zhang, Yiqun Liu and Shaoping Ma

Doctoral Consortium

Designing and Experimentally Evaluating a Video-based American Sign Language Look-up System
Saad Hassan
Aphasia and information seeking
Birgit Kvikne
Exploring Neuroscience Literature and Understanding Relations Between Brain-Related Topics - Using Augmented Reality
Ghazaleh Tanhaei
“I’m at the end of my wits” - Anticipating Information Needs and Appropriate Support Strategies in Behaviour Change
Selina Meyer
From Data to Action: Toward a Framework for Collective Personal Informatics in Dementia Care
Ning Zou

Tutorial Proposals

Psychology-informed Recommender Systems: A Human-Centric Perspective on Recommender Systems
Elisabeth Lex and Markus Schedl
Capturing Information Behaviour in the Wild: A Tutorial
Dana Mckay and George Buchanan
Conversational Information Seeking: Theory and Evaluation
Mohammad Aliannejadi and Johanne R Trippas

Workshop Proposals

Third Workshop on Building towards Information Interaction and Retrieval Resources Re-use (BIIRRR 2022)
Toine Bogers, Maria Gaede, Mark Michael Hall, Marijn Koolen, Vivien Petras and Paul Thomas
Information Quality in Information Interaction and Retrieval (IQIIR)
Frans Van Der Sluis, Catherine Smith, Toine Bogers and Florian Meier
First Early Career Researchers’ Roundtable for Information Access Research
Johanne R Trippas and David Maxwell
Workshop on Audio Collection Human Interaction (AudioCHI 2022)
Gareth F Jones, Maria Eskevich, Ben Carterette, Joana Correia, Rosie Jones, Jussi Karlgren and Ian Soboroff

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