Conference Chairs

David Elsweiler

University of Regensburg

Udo Kruschwitz

University of Regensburg

Bernd Ludwig

University of Regensburg

Program Chairs (Full & Perspective Papers)

Jaime Arguello

University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Peter Bailey


Sanna Kumpulainen

Tampere University

Program Chairs (Short Papers)

Dana McKay

University of Melbourne

Takehiro Yamamoto

University of Hyogo

Workshops Chairs

Haiming Liu

University of Bedfordshire

Morgan Harvey

University of Sheffield

Tutorials Chairs

Suzan Verberne

Leiden University

Hideo Joho

University of Tsukuba

Demos Chairs

Claudia Hauff

Delft University

Cathal Gurrin

Dublin City University

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Bahar Sarrafzadeh


Mark Smucker

University of Waterloo

Industry Day Chair

Jussi Karlgren


Proceedings Chair

Maria Gäde

Humboldt University
of Berlin

Sponsorship Chairs

Abdigani Diriye


Jochen Leidner

Coburg University
of Applied Sciences

Publicity Chair

Max L. Wilson

University of Nottingham

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Selina Meyer

University of Regensburg

Local Arrangement Team

Alexander Frummet

University of Regensburg

Melanie A. Kilian

University of Regensburg

Selina Meyer

University of Regensburg

Qing Zhang

University of Regensburg

Senior Program Committee

Program Committee

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