AI Days 2021 – Artificial Intelligence in Retail and Financial Services

Artificial intelligence is by now ubiquitous in retail and financial services. The fields of action and decision-making are diverse and extend into all aspects of the industry, from the interaction with customers to the automation of back office processes, from aspects of security to effects on regulation.

The virtual AI days on November 3rd and 4th offer providers of AI solutions and interested industry audiences a platform for an innovative exchange of experts without having to travel.

The first day is about innovative AI solutions that are related to the customer, i.e. in the areas of service and support. On the second day, dealers and financial service providers present their “machine rooms” and show possible applications of artificial intelligence in the back office, in the context of security.

Wednesday, 11-03-2021 – Thursday, 11-04-2021, 09.00 a.m. – 03.15 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of ibi research.