The Augment research group at KU Leuven in Belgium is looking for new members to join our team!

Research in the Augment group focuses on how endusers interact with personalised systems, such as recommender systems, personalised search and targeted advertisement. The objective is to enable end users to understand the rational of such systems and to enable them to steer the personalisation process with input and feedback. The focus is on visualisation and interaction techniques, using the full spectrum of hardware from small mobile devices to large multi-touch displays. Applications include learning analytics, precision agriculture, healthcare, media consumption, and digital humanities.

We have two open positions (fully funded):

  • PhD/Postdoc-Position on Learning Analytics:
    as part of two projects on Smart Education, we will be researching the use of learning analytics dashboards and interactive recommender systems in educational settings. We welcome applications of both postdocs and PhD candidates.

  • PhD position on human-computer-interaction:
    We have an open position on the use of interactive recommendation techniques to deliver personalised advice to end-users. These techniques are researched to increase engagement of end-users in personalised health applications or in the context of smart education.

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