Networking meeting: Presentation and discussion of the “KI Campus Ostbayern” initiative

The “KI Campus Ostbayern” (AI Campus East Bavaria) is a cooperation platform through which scientists from the East Bavarian universities can network with one another in the field of AI. The collaboration is based on the INDIGO network (“Internet and Digitalization East Bavaria”), which has existed since 2014, and the cooperation in the TRIO university […]

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Advances in Question Answering Research for Personal Assistants

After a long summer break we are very pleased to have Alessandro Moschitti joining us (live from Silicon Valley) to tell us all about question-answering and digial assistants. More details will follow… Speaker: Alessandro Moschitti, Principal Applied Research Scientist at Amazon Alexa & Professor at the University of Trento: Monday 2020-10-26, 06:00 pm – […]

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Kick-off workshop: Innovation network “AI for mobility”

The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg and the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg will initiate a research and development network (R&D) to develop new technologies for mobility based on artificial intelligence. The network is part of the Regensburg AI initiative Applied Artificial Intelligence in Regensburg AIR. The virtual kick-off workshop that will take place on 2020-09-30, is adressed […]

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Info-Webinar “Artificial Intelligence – Perspectives from Practice”

A few years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was more of a promise than a reality. Today, AI systems are used for a wide variety of applications and functions and more and more companies are seeing AI as a key technology. After initial successes in the laboratory, it is often difficult to use these AI applications […]

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Info webinar “Artificial Intelligence”

The domain of ​​”Artificial Intelligence” has made rapid progress in recent years. The potential for medium-sized companies is great – but so are the challenges to remain internationally competitive. With this webinar, artificial intelligence becomes tangible. The basic approaches will be presented and applied independently by you as a participant. Finally, you can use practical […]

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Workshop: Artificial intelligence in health

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the most important initiators of digital innovation – in general and in the health sector too. AI is already being used in research and development as well as in medical care. This particularly includes machine learning in imaging diagnostics. Here, AI supports the attending physician, for example in […]

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Smart City Regensburg?

New ideas for politics, administration and civil society in digitization At the end of the last term of office the city council of Regensburg decided on a Smart City framework strategy. It is about future joy and the readiness to innovate, e-government and related services for citizens, the digital competence of city administrations and civil […]

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Data Science @ Regensburg: Life in a Research-driven Tech Scaleup

This time @ Data Science Regensburg we welcome Signal AI’s Principal Data Scientist Dyaa Albakour. Dyaa will give us some insight into what it is like to work in a tech company that has grown from 3 to over 150 employees within a few years and which has a research-driven philosophy as one of its […]

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Introduction to active learning for classification

Active learning is, in essence, about maximizing the performance gain (of an underlying, supervised machine learning algorithm) per label. Some possible (query) strategies and the core problem emerging, being sampling bias, are discussed in the introduction to active learning. Then an effective way of circumventing it by balancing exploring and exploiting accordingly is given via […]

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