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AI Campus East Bavaria: AI in Mobility

TH Deggendorf, Glashaus Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1, Deggendorf

The use of methods of artificial intelligence (AI) brings many opportunities to the field of mobility and at the same time countless challenges. The next event of the AI Campus East Bavaria will provide insights into this diverse topic and how artificial intelligence can be used to transport goods or people using autonomous vehicles. This

AI, Robotics & Human Augmentation – Does Anybody Need Humanoids?


At this AQuA event (All Questions Answered) by CLAIRE and euRobotics, four experts will answer questions from the audience. Experts: ⋄ Wolfram Burgard, Professor of Robotics and AI, University of Technology Nuremberg ⋄ Francesco Ferro, CEO, PAL Robotics ⋄ Holger Hoos, Chair of the Board of Directors, CLAIRE ⋄ Dr. Bernd Liepert, President, euRobotics This

Excursion to the Technology Campus Cham – Model Factory and Digital Twins

Technologie Campus Cham Badstraße 21, Cham

At the end of the "Artificial Intelligence" program year, the "Akademie Ostbayern - Böhmen" (Academy East Bavaria - Bohemia) travels to the Technology Campus Cham of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) on Thursday, December 15th, 2022. Mr. Christian Schopf M.B.A. from DIT, Head of the Center for Applied Research of the Faculty of Mechanical

Course Start Yellow Belt

Universität Passau - HK28 Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Straße 28, Passau

In the digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a key technology. Self-learning algorithms can improve existing processes and products and can help to develop new business models further. AI thus has the potential to change entire industries and value chains in the long term. As part of the ESF project "rAIse - creating AI