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Bits and Bytes as New Champion Makers? – How the Data Economy is Changing Football?


The evaluation and economic use of data is changing football, the most popular sport in Germany. Since 2020, the German Football League (DFL) has been using cloud computing services to record and evaluate performance data from Bundesliga players in real time. As "Match Facts" on the TV screen or displayed in the Bundesliga app, they

Digital Legal Claim Sites: Court Chatbots, Online Lawsuit Tools


Digitization has fundamentally changed civil proceedings. Prof. Dr. Thomas Riehm (Institute for the Law of the Digital Society, University of Passau) organizes the Legal Tech series of lectures on the general topic of "Digitization and Civil Proceedings" and provides a well-founded insight into the digital possibilities of conducting proceedings from the perspective of the advocacy,

Neuromorphic Chips – the Brain as Model


Neuromorphic IT systems closely reproduce the behaviour of the human brain. Neural networks form the hardware. These neuromorphic information processing units (NPUs) are less flexible than classic CPUs. However, they can be extraordinarily powerful and also energy-efficient, for example in image recognition, speech recognition or medical diagnostics. How far has the development of neuromorphic IT

TÜV AI Conference 2022


On November 23rd, the TÜV AI Conference will take place for the third time - 100 percent digital. The TÜV Association will discuss possible ways of regulating AI with exciting guests from politics, research, business and civil society. What decisions must be taken on the way to safe and at the same time sustainable AI?