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From Insight to Action: Key Success Factors to Industrialize Data Products for Next Best Offer/Action Analytics at an Automotive Player

Universität Regensburg - H9 Universitätsstraße 31, Regensburg

After a long break, the Meetup group "Data Science @ Regensburg" will finally meet again in August! At this meeting, a former Information Science student - Lukas Feuerstein - who now works at Deloitte Consulting as Senior Manager AI & Data, will speak. In his presentation, he will show how communication between companies and customers

Czech-French AI Workshop


AI is a potentially transformational technology that has broad social, economic, national security, and geopolitical implications. Therefore, AI applications could have wide-ranging economic impacts across many sectors including manufacturing, transportation, health, education, energy and climate. EU countries need to catch up with the global leaders and expand their AI capacities in order to benefit from

Are Causal Models Intuitive Oracles? Case Study Based on an Emergency Braking Assistant


The meetings of the Causal Inference Working Group serve as a platform for collaboration and discussion, focussing on causal data analysis in academia and industry. Using causal techniques, the group aims to develop intelligent strategies for data analysis that surpass the correlation based approach of classical statistics, in order to distill robust causal information from

Towards Actionable XAI


The field of EXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) is slowly progressing out of its infancy stage, with current developments describing a trend towards human-aligned explanations. But what what does that mean? In this talk, Dr. Sebastian Lapuschkin (Head of the XAI Group of the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute (HHI) in Berlin, Germany) is going to guide through the