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Annual AIR Meet-Up 2023 – AI in the Smart City Regensburg

Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, Bavariathek Donaumarkt 1, Regensburg

The Annual Meet-Up 2023 of the AIR community will take place in Regensburg on April 27th and will focus on "AI in the Smart City Regensburg". Interested experts, especially from the local AI ecosystem, will receive impulses from the areas of "AI & Mobility" and "AI & Health" at this event. Cross-industry exchange with other

Large Language Models on the Way to General Intelligence?

Universität Regensburg Universitätsstraße 31, Regensburg

AI models have never been as present in the media as they are now and it has never been so difficult - with all the different models - to keep track. To provide some clarity, the Meetup group Data Science @ Regensburg will meet on May 9th. At this meeting, an alumnus of the University

Women in Data Science Regensburg 2023

Universität Regensburg, Vielberth-Gebäude Universitätsstraße 31, Regensburg

The goal of this conference is to showcase the exciting work that is conducted by women in the field of data science. Accomplished specialists from academia and industry will give talks on relevant topics. Although all the speakers will be women, participants of all genders are encouraged to attend the talks and join the discussion!

AI Open Day 2023: Trustworthy AI – Humans vs. Algorithms


On June 1st, 2023, the AI ​​Open Day will take place for the second time. This event, which you can attend both digitally and in person, will feature live demonstrations prepared by AI research teams and a round-table with some of the main actors of the European AI community. You can watch the discussion on