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Digital Workshop for Doctoral Candidates – Research Data Management 2022 (Day 2)


Do you collect data for your research, create questionnaires or use empirical methods? Do you evaluate text corpora or analyze medical data? Do you train algorithms with small or large data sets? Working with research data plays a central role in a wide variety of special fields, but it always requires the "correct" handling of

Research Data Management: Principles and Practice


Research data play an important role in the research process. Appropriate research data management is essential for the appropriate handling of this data. Because research data not only make a significant contribution to quality assurance, but also to the subsequent review and traceability of research results, research funding also plays an important role in the

AI Campus East Bavaria: AI Applications in Health


In this hybrid event, you can find out more about the network "AI Campus East Bavaria" and gain insights into the practical use of AI in the health sector in three keynote speeches. In addition, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers and other participants from science and industry on specific challenges

AI Campus East Bavaria: Border Crossers and Bridge Builders – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on AI


For a scientific exchange on the diverse areas of application of artificial intelligence, the AI Campus East Bavaria is organizing the event "Border Crossers and Bridge Builders - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on AI" on June 29, 2022. Scientists from the East Bavarian universities present applications of and challenges with AI methods in their research from the