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Universität Passau - HK28 Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Straße 28, Passau

In the digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a key technology. Self-learning algorithms can improve existing processes and products and can help to develop new business models further. AI thus has the potential to change entire industries and value chains in the long term. As part of the ESF project "rAIse - creating AI

Digital Methods in Research


Starting from January 17, 2023, the INDIGO network, the BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership Digitalisation and the bidt doctoral program will be organizing a virtual series of events on the topic of "Digital Methods in Research". The interactive workshop format is addressed to young scientists from the East Bavarian universities, the BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership Digitalisation

Ethical Challenges of Digital Phenotyping


As part of the Ethics@Lunch series, Orsolya Friedrich from the Fernuniversität Hagen (Distance-Learning University in Hagen) will give a lecture on the ethical challenges of digital phenotyping. Digital phenotyping represents a new, powerful approach in modern medicine. The basic idea is to use digital traces from everyday life (e.g. smartphone usage data) to check and

On Modeling and Learning Domain Knowledge in AI Planning


The Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence invites you to the last event of the Autumn 2022 program of the Spotlight Seminars on AI. The aim of the seminars is to illustrate, explore and discuss current scientific challenges, trends, and possibilities in all branches of the articulated research field. The seminars will be held virtually via