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Is He Still Assisting or Is He Already Operating – Clinical Robotics: the Doctors of the Future?

Technologiezentrum Augsburg Am Technologiezentrum 5, Augsburg

Robots have become indispensable in modern medicine - and in particular in minimally invasive surgery: smaller, more flexible, more specialized, more intelligent and however yet only in the function of technical assistants. Will it stay like this? Where is the journey going? What are the main hurdles when it comes to establishing robotics and related

Conference „Dare to Use More Data“

IHK für München und Oberbayern Max-Joseph-Straße 2, München

The conference is dedicated to the question of how more economic and social benefits can be generated from the exponentially increasing availability of data. The conference deals with regulatory, technical and organizational approaches to achieve the vision of a sustainable, innovative and ethical data economy with fair competitive conditions for all players. This is an

Working Group AI Mobility & Energy: At Full Throttle on the Way to Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

Haus RUBINA Rudolf-Vogt-Straße 18, Regensburg

The Cluster Mobility & Logistics and the Green Tech Cluster cordially invite you to the next meeting of the Working Group AI in Mobility & Energy. AI comprises a number of sub-areas of computer science and mathematics, which are characterized by the goal of solving complex tasks. AI offers a wide range of possible applications