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Theme Development Workshop: AI: Mitigating Bias & Disinformation


The first cross-cutting Theme Development Workshop of VISION, TAILOR, HumanE-AI-Net and CLAIRE AISBL has the motto "AI: Mitigating Bias & Disinformation" and will take place on May 18, 2022. The aim of this workshop is to identify common goals between academia and industry as well as other relevant stakeholders, and to define promising approaches for

Reciprocity Webinar – Autonomous Driving and Acceptability


As part of this online event, the participants should jointly discuss the question "Autonomous driving and acceptability: an impossible story?". In addition to discussions on the topic, the exchange between the participants should also be promoted. This event is part of the European mobility project RECIPROCITY. Its events in Regensburg are organized by the Mobility

Overcoming Human Bias – Sex and Gender in Research on Artificial Intelligence


In 2021, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched a workshop series on the gender dimension in the European Research Area (ERA). The workshop series aims to support the implementation of gender equality in research and innovation in Europe and to inspire researchers and research managers to address gender issues in their projects.

The Deep Learning Hype – Can we continue like this?


In the field of artificial intelligence, the so-called "deep learning" approach has developed from a dead end to the ultimate solution to all problems of self-learning machines - and some others too. But how good is this trend for our society? And how sustainable? We will focus in this lecture on scientific sustainability, social/societal impacts,