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Universität Passau - HK28 Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Straße 28, Passau

In the digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a key technology. Self-learning algorithms can improve existing processes and products and can help to develop new business models further. AI thus has the potential to change entire industries and value chains in the long term. As part of the ESF project "rAIse - creating AI

Lean Digitized Order Processing: Product and Order Configuration


The quickest avenue from the order to production: in addition to systematic variant management, smart configuration solutions are a prerequisite for the efficient fulfillment of individual customer needs despite complex framework conditions. After the typical obstacles, this webinar uses practical examples to address, among other things, how the processes of order acquisition and order fulfillment

Grasping Causality for the Explanation of Criticality for Automated Driving


The meetings of the Causal Inference Working Group serve as a platform for collaboration and discussion, focussing on causal data analysis in academia and industry. Using causal techniques, the group aims to develop intelligent strategies for data analysis that surpass the correlation based approach of classical statistics, in order to distill robust causal information from

More safety for the car of the future – how are driver assistance systems developed?


Automated driving: We've been hearing about progress and setbacks, facts and myths for years. In his presentation at acatech, Christoph v. Hugo will provide an overview of the five stages of automation - from non-automated to fully automated vehicles - and explain their functional characteristics and technical implications. Using selected examples from the Mercedes-Benz company,