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Data Analytics for Industry-Related Practice


Data analytics is now a key skill for setting up digital business processes and developing data-driven products. In the seminar series of the Strategic Partnership for Sensor Technologies you will acquire specific application knowledge for the implementation of data analytics in your own company. In the course, reference is continuously made to industry-related applications and

Data Driven Transformation – Gather, Analyze, Use

Trevisto AG Nunnenbeckstraße 6-8, Nürnberg

What is behind the trend term artificial intelligence (AI)? In the "Data Driven Information" cluster meeting, together with Trevisto AG, various perspectives on AI and other related topics will be taken. What does it mean for the future if programs are written automatically and more and more companies let their data "learn" together? The focus

Big Techday 22


For the 15th time, TNG Technology Consulting invites you to the Big Techday - the conference on science and technology with a focus on IT. This year the event will take place in hybrid form. In addition to the event at Motorworld Munich, numerous lectures will also be available online. The Big Techday is not

Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition


For as long as there have been computers, research has been done to breathe "artificial intelligence" into them. Although this challenge is far more complex than was predicted by pioneers like Herb Simon in the 1950s, there have been tremendous advances in this area in recent years. The reasons are the continuous increase in the