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Parameter Tuning for Causal Machine Learning


The meetings of the Causal Inference Working Group serve as a platform for collaboration and discussion, focussing on causal data analysis in academia and industry. Using causal techniques, the group aims to develop intelligent strategies for data analysis that surpass the correlation based approach of classical statistics, in order to distill robust causal information from

Challenges for Machine Learning Using Medical Data


Medical imaging is currently one of the areas where much machine learning is done both on the academic side and from startup or larger established companies. With standardized acquisition setups, image views and also clear applications (diagnosis, treatment planning) this seems suitable but also has several difficulties, such as varying acquisition parameters, changing imaging equipment,

Is He Still Assisting or Is He Already Operating – Clinical Robotics: the Doctors of the Future?

Technologiezentrum Augsburg Am Technologiezentrum 5, Augsburg

Robots have become indispensable in modern medicine - and in particular in minimally invasive surgery: smaller, more flexible, more specialized, more intelligent and however yet only in the function of technical assistants. Will it stay like this? Where is the journey going? What are the main hurdles when it comes to establishing robotics and related