Interview with Stefan Pernpaintner, Comsysto Reply GmbH

Stefan Pernpaintner is a fellow and IT consultant at Comsysto Reply GmbH, a company for data engineering and big data. In your existing reading there is no full software functionality in the beginning, only the quickest possible accumulation and learning of valid knowledge know exactly how the product to be developed is taken. The phase can also carry out several iterations or sprints and at the latest at the end of the phase there will be a minimum viable product (MVP) in the form of an HTML / CSS protocol, in workshops that are validated as objectively as possible using UX research methods.

Company: Comsysto Reply GmbH
Position: Fellow and IT Consultant

As a fellow, I am committed to supporting the managing directos in their work (Project management, contact person for employees,…), on the other hand I take care of it together with my colleagues for the further expansion of the Regensburg location. In my role as an IT consultant, like most of my colleagues, I work on projects our customers and develop future-oriented IT systems.

Development of a data lake for sensor data of household applicances(IoT)
– Development of driver assistance functions for parking space recognition based on Sensor data
– You can find further references at:

With a cooperation with the University of Regensburg we can position an attractive employer with exciting topics. Besides, there is none for us better investment in the future than well-trained talents interested in innovative topics to give an opportunity for self-realization.

Around the digitalization, new exciting topics emerge every day that affect the lives of Simplify people, advance science or open up new opportunities for companies offers to position itself. That means bringing these topics closer to the students to clarify the relevance of this and to arouse the miótivation among the students themselves to deal with AI after graduation.

As Comsysto Reply we are increasingly involved in the implementation of specific projects of our customers. However, our parent company “Reply” is increasingly using Research. You can find insights using the following links: 


Yes, have a look at:

I personally have no special experience in the field of AI, since I am in mine have focused on other topics such as software engineering.

At the moment it is difficult for me because I am busy with other topics.

I am fascinated by the fact that AI simplify people’s lives, advance science or can offer companies new opportunities to position themselves.

Ideal idea: to enable practical, scientifically sound training that serves people and shows new opportunities for companies.

I am hearing about this project fot the first time and find the link between Science and business exciting. At the moment we are not making any contribution to this project.

Not at the Moment.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish you a nice day!

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