Interview with Dr. Sebastian Erdenreich, trinnovative GmbH

We are a young Regensburg company that was founded by experienced IT consultants to provide you with the best possible support in the areas of IT consulting, software development and data science. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our consultants have specialist expertise in the areas of requirements analysis, software architecture and software testing, as well as in the field of machine learning. Our customers come from a wide variety of specialist domains: from research companies to logistics service providers, from start-ups to large companies.

I am one of the managing directors of trinnovative GmbH. We are a service provider for software development and artificial intelligence from Regensburg.

In addition to the classic strategic and operational tasks as managing director, I am actively involved in customer projects myself. My focus is on consulting in the area of ​​AI / machine learning.

Various of our customer projects deal with artificial intelligence. The topics in the area of machine learning are broad and range from image and object recognition to natural language processing and biometric systems. In the Big Data area, for example, we develop cloud applications from processing and preparing data streams from IoT devices.

As a concrete example, we recently developed a system for extracting technical terms from technical texts for one of our customers. Previously, employees had to sort and categorize texts by hand. Now our algorithm des it and the employees can focus on their core tasks.

We offer students the opportunity to write a bachelor’s and master’s thesis with a high degree of practical relevance or to gain experience as a working student. It is very important to us that the students receive the best possible support from us. We also regularly give specialist lectures in the field of AI, but have not yet had the opportunity to do this at the University of Regensburg.

We are a knowledge and technology driven company. It is therefore essential for us to stay close to the state of research and technology. This of course includes access to qualified and motivated employees.

From our point of view, AI is a key topic that will find its way into everyday (professional) life even more in the future. it is therefore necessary to create the necessary basis for the students. This does  not only apply to technical departments such as mathematics or computer science. Ethical, philosophical and social issues are always associated with AI.

A thesis in the field of cloud-based systems is currently underway. We are also planning several work in the area of platform development and AI with a cooperation partner.

We already had several theses related to AI in our company. Among other things, it was about how object recognition can be mapped with the limited hardware performance of augmented reality glasses.

I am a graduate physicist and did my doctorate in business informatics at the University of Regensburg. As early as my diploma thesis I dealt with (physical) forecasting methods and their application to the consumer goods industry. In my doctoral thesis I was able to apply machine learning methods in the field of biometric systems.

Because of my education, I am used to mathematical access to the topics of artificial intelligence. However, the hype surrounding the topics of AI, machine learning and especially deep learning is currently not making it easier to convey that simple solutions can often deliver better results.

AI is an extremely diverse subject area. New areas of application are constantly being discovered. I am particularly fascinated by the fact that at the beginning of an AI project it is often not even clear which value is hidden in the data. Only an intensive, analytical look at the data leads to new questions and often brings completely new potential to light for the customer.

In the area of price analysis, we are currently cooperating with other Regensburg companies. We are also currently in the process of establishing a further cooperation with a partner company in the field of machine learning.

The interdisciplinary nature of the AI area in particular should be further promoted and anchored in teaching.

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