Interview with Philipp Berr, Stadt Regensburg

Philipp Berr is head of the Science, Technology and Clusters Department in the Office for Economics and Science.

The Office for Economics and Science is responsible for creating the best possible framework for your company at the Regensburg business location. If you have any concerns, we have a controversial advice and service package ready for you and are happy to be at your disposal as a contact person from various municipalities.

The team consists of entrepreneurial thinking and purposeful acting specialists. Each of us stands up for the cause of “our” company with vigor. We are your first point of contact for all questions that arise from personal settlement or expansion.

Company support, support for those interested in settling in, authorities guide for companies, commercial space marketing, development of location factors, statistical data on the Regensburg location, Güterverkehrszentrum Regensburg GmbH, Regensburger GeschäftsentwicklungsgmbH, promotion of international relations, location advertising, investment subsidies, clearing house

City of Regensburg, Head of the Science, Technology and Clusters Department in the Office for Economy and Science

Interface function in the Regensburg innovation ecosystem between business, science and administration. Trend scouting and establishment of new innovation networks

I am in a continuous exchange with Prof. Kruschwitz and Prof. Ludwig on the AI ​​developments at the university as well as joint approaches with the economy and the city of Regensburg. We are currently working on an AI initiative (AIR – Artificial Intelligence Regensburg) for all of Regensburg to bundle all AI activities at the Regensburg location.

Specifically, with regard to the Regensburg city administration, I could imagine joint research projects that examine AI as a possible technology for optimizing administrative processes

I think this is an important technology of the present and the future that will shape many parts of our social and economic activities.

So far, no direct research, but we are concerned with the establishment of innovation networks with the aim of applying AI technology while also taking social aspects into account

I studied business informatics and have no explicit knowledge of AI. But can classify the basic challenges and framework conditions and see our core competence more in the construction of the necessary networks “outside”.

I am an absolute fan of digitization and the associated opportunities for “humanity”. AI plays an essential role here. In my opinion, it is important that we actively help shape it and not buy a “black box” from China or the USA.

… students of all disciplines recognize and understand / reflect on the possibilities of digitization and artificial intelligence in the respective area, ideally through practical projects

… so far I don’t know the project that well … but I would like to expand the collaboration with AIR here

… my opinion regarding AI in Regensburg: If we want to “play along” here internationally, we have to bundle the “forces” in Regensburg and focus on common goals … we have the substance to set an example …

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish you a nice day!

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