Interview with Nicolas Götz, Adigi GmbH

Digitization and artificial intelligence are currently turning many industries upside down – including tourism. Adigi digitizes and automates vacation advice, etc. with the help of artificial intelligence.

Using speech recognition and cognitive computing, we are able to understand all inquiries via any channel and answer them with individually tailored answers automatically, in real time and in the highest quality.

It’s faster, cheaper and above all. better than with conventional manual processing!

I am the founder and managing director of Adigi GmbH from Parkstein.

In principle, I do everything that nobody eles in the company wants to to 😉 That is mainly trying to get all interests under one roof. Every day there are new challenges, problems, wishes from customers or ideas from the team, all of which we want to implement as far as possible. At the same time, however, it is also important not to lose sight of the long-term thread.

Our goal is to automate vacation advice, which is only possible with a lot of AI: Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the very beginning in order to be able to understand the customer’s intention at all. For the selection of suitable holiday offers or the appropriata answer, we use, among other things, machine learning. This is how we ensure that the offers keep getting better. The whole thing is based on a kind of virtual “super advisor”: We have poured the knowledge of countless holiday experts into algorithms. We check and improve, amon other things, whether this is also true in the long therm with ML.

We are of course always interested in the latest developments and in qualified employees.

In the long term, AI will be used in almost every application in some form, there won’t be much where it doesn’t make sense to use it. In this respect, a basic understanding of the techniques – and their current limits, makes sense for everyone. The deeper the knowledge, the better!

At the moment we have our hands full with expanding our software and expanding our team 😉

From my training I am a qualified sociologist, so not a technician. But that can also be an advantage, because you approach technical topics more naively and just go on and on, “and why doesn’t that work?” asks until it finally works. To learn more about AI, there are now numerous online tutorials, videos, papers, use cases etc.

I’m out of everything that goes deep into development, I don’t have the background. Otherwise it is neither difficult nor easy, but above all – interesting 😉

The multitude of opportunities that result, in so many areas! But also to recognize the limits and to be able to recognize exaggeration in one direction or the other in media reports.

We did not pursue thwo projects to develop parts of AI applications in cooperation with other companies, mainly because we would like to have the knowledge in the company ourselves.

From my point of view, it would be desireable it the topic of AI does not remain a pure software issue but is viewed across disciplines. For example, I’ve read the most interesting articles of the last few weeks by a philosopher and a doctor!

The project as such continues in my opinion. At exactly the right point: to conveycomprehensive knowledge regarding AI. We’d like to do more.

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