Interview with Michael Reinhold, Techniker Krankenkasse

Michael Reinhold is head of customer service at Techniker Krankenkasse. On October 27, 1884, the “Registered Aid Fund for Architects, Engineers and Technicians” was approved. The foundation took place on August 3, 1884. This is the birth of the TK.

Sinde June 3, 2019, the technician is health partner of the largest esports league in Germany, the ESL. Together with the world’s largest e-sports company, the largest German health insurance company will educate professional teams and fans about helath and provide tips and advice.

Customer advice, customer loyalty, sales, university support, corporate and private customer advice, workplace health promotion.

We take advantage of the opportunities to accompany good ideas on the way to implementation at an early stage. If the implementation is successful, our customer benefit first of all by improving the supply.


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