Interview with Lea Frank, anybill

Lea Frank is a founding member of anybill. Their goal is to use anybill to create a technology platform for the shopping of the future. With their solutions, whey enable digital and environmentally friendly receipt of documents and at the same time, true to the motto one-touch, offer further innovative added value. From document and personal finance management and preparatory accounting to smart shopping assistants with digital customer cards, smart couponing and mobile payment.

As a co-founder and managing director I am responsible for anybill (techreach GmbH) Sales as well as partner management and product management.

Togehter with my team, we are responsible for the acquisition of new customers from retail companies and banks. In addition, we are gradually building our partner management with cash register software providers and Payment service providers on and off. In technical product management, we work together with the development tema on concepts for customer-centered products and services, such as our partner APIs, apps, white label Solutions and SDKs.

The connection between research and practice has many advantages. In addition, arises thereby also the possibility to make the company visible to students accordingly and recruit talent and bring them into contact with the company at an early stage.

We are currently working with an university on an AI-based algorithm for our recommendation service.

In addition to working with the university, we are also working on the project mentioned above together with our pratner company. We use anonymized data records from both companies to enrich the data accordingly and train the algorithm. The amount of data is crucial for AI-based algorithms and collaboration is made possible for both companies to benefit from a large amount of data.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish you a nice day!

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