Interview with Klaus Nagl, Consolinno Energy GmbH

Klaus Nagl is the managing director of Consolinno Energy GmbH.

Consolinno Energy has set itself the goal of helping with its projects to gradually convert the energy supply to a 100% renewable, climate-friendly supply according to economic and ecological standards. So the company would like to make a contribution to the compliance with the Paris climate targets. Consolinno collaborates with its customers to develop viable and individual solutions that generate new innovations. Consolinno’s core competencies lie in the development of suitable and sustainable solutions for local electricity and heat supply concepts, including the integration into the electricity and operating reserve markets.

Management and corporate strategy as well as development
We collect data in real time and have to process it. For this purpose, a decentralized intelligence (AI) runs on the devices as well as superordinated in the cloud. We thus combine all of the above-mentioned topics in the areas of renewable energies and climate protection
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