Interview with Dr. Michael Colombo, TIKI GmbH

TI.KI – The Technological Institute for Applied AI Research. The institute researches and develops AI tehnologies with the aim of making them available to industry and using them in a short time.

Woth our open, highperformance data schience platform, we map the entire life cycle process of an AI application. Everything is provided, from data connection with the Quality of Service. The employees of the TI.KI research and development team expand the necessary specialist knowledge through constat exchange with research institutions, customers and shareholders.

  • Technological Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence GmbH,
  • Head of Strategy and Innovation
  • Initial contacts with companies that are interested in the use of artificial intelligence and want to understand how TIKI can empower them
  • Workshops to identify and prioritize first use cases for AI use.
  • TIKI’s mission is to empower medium-sized businesses to use AI; In this respect, all activities at TIKI are directly related to AI
  • TIKI offers access to an advanced IT environment for the industrialized development and operation of AI applications.
  • Together with Prof. Elmar Lang from the University of Regensburg, we founded the Bavarian Association for Applied Artificial Intelligence based in Regensburg. The association organizes regular meetups for those interested in AI from companies and universities
  • TIKI is currently supporting the initiative of the city’s economic development, applied AI in Regensburg, as well as numerous topics of the IHK Regensburg
  • We are happy to give lectures on AI-related topics or give interested students practical insights
  • We see ourselves as an institute for applied AI research and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Bavarian government in collaborative research projects together with that of the Technical University of Munich and the University of Bayreuth; We are also happy to hold corresponding discussions with the University of Regensburg.
  • Increase general awareness of TIKI in the region
  • Expansion of our network of AI experts in companies and universities
  • Awareness as an employer for AI issues
  • We are deeply convinced that the application of artificial intelligence for all economic sectors and along all stages of the respective added value is or will be a decisive factor
  • Against the background, it will be foreseeable that every workplace where today’s students will work requires knowledge of the appropriate use of AI
  • We are currently funded in two collaborative research projects on AI-related topics
    • Use of artificial intelligence to reduce food waste (applied research)
    • Use of ‘thought vectors’ to better characterize texts (basic research)
  • Doctorate in experimental high-energy physics in the mid- 1990s, using methods that are now known as big data and predictive analytics.
  • University diploma at the FernUniversityt Hagen with focus on operations research / integer optimization
  • Ongoing training in leading management consultancies and IT service providers (Bain, Accenture, EY), as well as at TIKI
  • Lecturer for Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning at the FOM University in Munich
  • Reducing the prejudices and perceived hurdles for companies and people through specifically implemented use cases
  • As a service provider in the AI field, all TIKI activities are with other companies
  • We have implemented AI applications in the service sector, for plant and machine builders, in the manufacturing industry in trade and financial services for companies.

AI is the next natural development of mathematical-statistical methods and therefore belongs in all faculties and is taught as a tool, especially of course in engineering, the natural and social sciences and medicine

As the father of two sons (20 and 16 years old), I saw that schools and high schools – which I consider to be completely unjustified – convey respect for mathematical subjects: “you can’t understand mathematics, but that’s not the case bad.” In view of the fields in which our economy creates its added value, I consider this to be a very fatal undesireable development that requires a massive correction.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish you a nice day!

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