Interview with Bernd Riedel, Jetsam Service Management GmbH

Bernd Riedel is the managing director of Jetsam Service Management GmbH from Regensburg

Jetsam Service Management GmbH was founded in 2011 by a team of after sales service experts from the consumer electronics industry. Today Jetsam is working for a large customer for whom they cover the whole range of after sales service processes as well as for several small companies which mainly retrieve services in the fields of consulting, business intelligence and marketing.

By levering the skills, innovations and resources focused in the company Jetsam is able to deliver its services at reduced costs and at the same time offer its customers significantly improvements of service processes. Their offer reaches from consultancy and analysing to complete assumption of processes and their operative maintenance.

Managing Director

Jetsam Service Management GmbH
Dr.-Leo-Ritter-Straße 4
93049 Regensburg
We are active in the area of ​​”after-sales service”. Corresponding solutions for the customer often have to be worked out from a multitude of customer inquiries, that touch a wide variety of problems. At the moment we are still working “traditionally” with a knowledge base. However, these topics could also be mapped well using AI.

We have a platform for the digitization of e-waste flows. In this context, image recognition and analysis via AI would be a useful addition to channeling e-waste flows. Another topic is service intervals for industrial machines, which could be flexibly scheduled with the help of an AI (e.g. based on sensor data).
Well, the students we employ offer us as a company the following advantages:
  • Very important “external perception” of the issues and of the company itself
  • Use of new technologies and techniques
  • Students as “free radicals” to give new impulses
From our point of view, AI will conquer many other areas of application in the future.
No. But we collaborate with the Fraunhofer Institute on several topics.
We use AI frameworks in some of our software projects. One example here is OpenCV for image recognition. But we’re more on the operational level.
For me personally, it’s easier because I studied Computer Science and Mathematics. In general, however, the topic is very abstract for other employees.
AI can support people to shift their own boundaries. I am thinking, for example, of the use of AI in image recognition/cancer prevention. A doctor alone can certainly not evaluate all facets of an image in the same way as an AI that was previously trained on the basis of 10,000 images.
Well, from my point of view, AI in education should not just be a discipline in the natural sciences. I actually see AI as an interdisciplinary subject. With different priorities, of course. But why shouldn’t one also benefit from the advantages of AI in business, law, German studies, etc.
I have to admit that I only knew the name of the project, not the contents. After reading through this, I think the approach is exactly the right one. In general, the greatest challenge when connecting universities and businesses is to implement the theoretical foundations and the know-how of the universities in concrete operational projects. This is exactly where you should start working with companies. There are many businesses with projects (just like we do), but we don’t have the time to familiarize ourselves with the basics. Personally, I would like to support something like that.

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