Innovative, Creative and Incredibly Successful – The Computer Game Industry as a Motor for Society and Economy

It has been scientifically proven many times: Who plays on computers and consoles (in moderation) benefits for everyday life. According to the German industry association Game, the corona pandemic has proven that gamers are social people. “While the ubiquitous video calls tended to cause fatigue, games offered much more exciting forms of social interaction,” writes the association in its 2022 annual report.

Economically, the computer game industry is now a giant that has already overshadowed the film and music industry in terms of sales. Game aesthetics are an integral part of everyday culture. “Virtual protagonists like Pac-Man, Super Mario or Lara Croft are icons of pop culture, and the associated game titles are often better known than the names of big Hollywood films,” writes Game.

The 12th edition of #digit-R – Consequences of the Digital World examines the computer game industry as a motor for society and economy. The media scientist Prof. Dr. Jochen Koubek from the University of Bayreuth will take a look at the development as well as the social and aesthetic importance of electronic games. Benjamin Zuckerer, board member of the association Game Bavaria Munich, talks about the economic success and the function of the industry as a driver of innovation. His company CipSoft in Regensburg was honored as Studio of the Year at the German Computer Game Awards in 2022. Korbinian Fischer, board member of the association GameDev Regensburg, will present how his association intends to advance the industry in the region.

Wednesday, 04-19-2023, starting from 07.00 p.m., hybrid event

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