Do you still write yourself? How AI is changing our education system

Language models such as ChatGPT or Bard have been dominating the public discussion for weeks and are focusing attention on the possibilities, but also the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI). The reactions are very different: while some are indignant about textual errors in robot-made texts, others are enthusiastic about how texts can be generated in a matter of seconds with technical help. In general, at first glance it is hardly recognizable whether a text was written by a machine or a human. One thing is certain: the digital transformation cannot be stopped. The text automation programs will get better and have an impact on many areas of life, especially our education system. How will we teach and learn in the future? How can we use AI constructively and meaningfully in the classroom and in teaching? What previous knowledge and skills does this require from teachers, students and pupils? What are the limits, dangers and challenges of this new technology? Can AI lead to more educational equity? These and many other questions will be discussed at this event.

Tuesday, 03-28-2023, starting from 06.00 p.m., Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Plenary Hall

More details and registration here.

This is an event of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

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