HR of the future – is colleague AI an issue?

Acatech’s “Fit for Future Work” debate series – a series of top-level virtual talks on all aspects of digital transformation and its effects on organization, work, employment and qualification – aims to highlight which digital technologies lead to massive changes when used in everyday business and how companies and employees can prepare for it together.

ChatGPT as pars pro toto for a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) is currently on everyone’s lips and at the same time triggers a wave of panic and a wave of euphoria. Acatech wants to work out the opportunities and risks of this technology and other AI applications for HR work together with you. What does the future of (personnel) work look like? Which tasks can be undertaken by AI and where are humans irreplaceable? How are existing role profiles changing? And what do we have to do to be able to guarantee equal opportunities in the digitized world of work?

Thursday, 03-16-2023, 05:00 p.m. – 06:30 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering.