Sustainability & Robotics Series – Webinar 1 “Getting started!”

Sustainability has become a critical challenge in society and the field of AI and Robotics will not remain unaffected. From environmental to social or economic impacts, roboticists, entrepreneurs, researchers and public authorities are increasingly confronted with the topic. What is sustainability? Where do AI and Robotics stand in that regard? What can organizations do to integrate sustainability in their projects? What are the existing tools, frameworks at our disposal today? Are there initiatives and lessons learnt in other fields that could help AI and Robotics? Several reports, publications and events have shown a growing interest in the community to be more proactive. But where to start? How to avoid greenwashing? All these questions (among others) will be addressed in the 2023 online series of 5 webinars of FARI.

Tuesday, 03-07-2023, 03:00 p.m. – 04:30 p.m., virtual event

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This event is organised by FARI in collaboration with Sustainable Robotics, euRobotics, the United Robotics Group, Profactor and CLAIRE AISBL.