AI.BAY 2023 – Bavarian International Conference on AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping our daily lives. From digital assistants on cell phones to complex systems in mobility or industrial production – it is impossible to imagine life without this key technology.

You are invited to experience the latest trends and the outstanding potential of AI at first hand at AI.BAY 2023 – Bavarian International Conference on AI. Together with leading representatives of the Bavarian AI Network and prestigious guests from abroad, the future of AI will be put into perspective and international developments will be presented. AI.BAY 2023 will also provide a new forum for the entire Bavarian AI community and international AI experts.

The conference will take place on 23rd and 24th February 2023. The list of participants promises exciting presentations and discussions on the podium as well as interesting talks alongside the event!

Thursday, 02-23-2023 – Friday, 02-24-2023, hybrid event

More details and registration at:

The event is organized by Bayern Innovative and baiosphere – Bavarian AI Agency on behalf of the Bavarian State Government..