Between Crypto Hype and Serious Application – Is Blockchain Technology Changing Our World?

Are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies turning the financial system upside down? Why do art collectors pay up to $69 million for a nondescript image file? Blockchain technology causes these and similar developments.

Blockchain is also known as the “Internet of Value”. For example, the technology allows cryptocurrencies to be created and traded without a bank being involved. Image files can be assigned to an exact owner with the help of NFT, making them unique and valuable. Application research works on making blockchain and related technologies usable for Industry 4.0, finance, energy, logistics and public administration.

An overview of how blockchain technology works and the possibilities offered presents Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, CEO of the Austrian Blockchain Center. Prof. Dr. Gregor Dorfleitner, chairholder of the Chair of Finance at the University of Regensburg, reports on cryptocurrencies and stocks secured with the help of blockchain. Michael Zölch presents current developments on the art market around NFT. He came up with the idea for the NFT Bee app, where you can collect NFTs and share them with others.

Wednesday, 11-09-2022, starting at 07.00 p.m., hybrid event

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