Research Data Management: Principles and Practice

Research data play an important role in the research process. Appropriate research data management is essential for the appropriate handling of this data. Because research data not only make a significant contribution to quality assurance, but also to the subsequent review and traceability of research results, research funding also plays an important role in the design of regulations for research data management. Both technical innovations and political changes have influenced the field in recent years.

Against the background of these developments, the INDIGO network invites you to the virtual event “Research Data Management: Principles and Practice”. In a keynote speech, Dr. Johannes Fournier (deputy head of the Scientific Library Services and Information Systems group in the DFG Head Office) will provide an overview of the relevant funding guidelines and current developments in research data management. There will then be an opportunity for discussion with Dr. Fournier.

The event is addressed to scientists from all departments of universities that are part of the INDIGO network.

Tuesday, 05-10-2022, 04:00 p.m. – 05:30 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of the INDIGO network – network internet and digitization East Bavaria.