Digital Workshop for Doctoral Candidates – Research Data Management 2022

Do you collect data for your research, create questionnaires or use empirical methods? Do you evaluate text corpora or analyze medical data? Do you train algorithms with small or large data sets? Working with research data plays a central role in a wide variety of special fields, but it always requires the “correct” handling of the information collected. After all, the data should be saved tidily, stored reusable and collected properly in accordance with data protection law.

In this digital workshop you will receive an initial overview on the topic of research data management, so that terms such as metadata schemes, data management plans or the FAIR principles are no longer foreign words to you. The workshop is addressed to doctoral candidates from all subjects from East Bavaria, the Bavaria-wide BayWISS joint academic partnerships and the bidt doctoral program. Previous knowledge of research data management is not required.

Dr. Gernot Deinzer (University of Regensburg) and Dr. Stephan Hachinger (Leibniz Supercomputing Center) will support the workshop with specialist input.

Thursday, 01-20-2022 & Thursday, 01-27-2022, 02:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of the BayWISS (Bavarian Forum of Economic) Joint Academic Partnership Digitalisation, the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (bidt) and the Network for Internet and Digitization of East Bavaria (INDIGO).