mFUND Professional Exchange: Intelligent Parking Systems – Better Parking with Data

Intelligent parking management is playing an increasingly important role in modern and digital mobility offers. The increasing lack of space in cities and the resulting competition for public space make it necessary to collect extensive information about the available parking space and to find innovative solutions for efficient, ecological and safe space management. Current challenges are the traffic searching for parking spaces, the linking of private and public transport and the risks posed by illegal parking, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

Digital applications inform vehicle drivers about the likely duration of their search for a parking space and provide information on free parking spaces. The developers and municipalities in which the applications are being tested and used want to help reduce the time it takes to search for a parking space. This should reduce overall traffic in cities and support ecological effects through lower emissions.

In addition, the integration of Park & ​​Ride sites in intermodal travel chains helps meet individual mobility requirements from the first to the last mile. With the option of booking a parking space in advance or with a precise forecast of the parking space occupancy, vehicle drivers can ensure that their own vehicle can be parked. Resistance to switching from car to public transport can thus be reduced.

In order to effectuate changes here, real-time data about existing parking spaces in cities, the utilization and the establishment of Park & ​​Ride sites form the necessary basis. Another important point is data for pattern recognition of illegal parking.

After an impulse lecture on the current status of data-supported projects to improve parking space management, concrete solutions from mFUND projects for less parking search traffic, better integration of parking spaces in intermodal travel chains and increased traffic safety due to fewer illegal parking will be presented.

Thursday, 12-09-2021, 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of the iRights.Lab.