Data Science and Beer

The Bavarian Industrial Association for Applied Artificial Intelligence meets on November 25th at 6 p.m. Due to the current situation, this time the meeting will take place digitally.

Two interesting lectures are planned:

  • Introduction into Graph Neuronal Networks, Simon Wein: Inspired by their applications in computer vision, convolutional neural networks were recently generalized to data with graph-like structures. Graph neural networks allow to find patterns in the irregular geometry of graphs, what allows us to apply neural networks to various new learning problems. This presentation gives a short introduction on the concepts of graph neural networks and shows an application for the analysis of brain networks in magnetic resonance imaging.
  • A 2D slice-based multi-input convolutional neural network for Multiple Sclerosis lesion detection in multimodal brain MRI scans, Florian Raab: In this talk, a study to create a fully automated, reliable, robust and fast multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation tool for multimodal MRI scans using deep learning will be presented. The proposed network helps to segment the multiple sclerosis lesions in the brain accurately and can be helpful especially for follow-up scans to monitor the progress of the disease. This network can perform this task in just a few seconds and is a valuable tool for treatment planning (e.g. changes in basic therapy).

Thursday, 11-25-2021, 06:00 p.m. – 08:00 p.m., virtual event

Further details & registration at:

This is an event of the “Industrieverein Bayern für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz e.V.” (Bavarian Industrial Association for Applied Artificial Intelligence).

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