AI Campus East Bavaria: Legal and ethical aspects on the subject of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) methods are used in a variety of ways in different areas. In medicine, intelligent systems enable the early detection of certain diseases, production processes can be optimized through the use of AI algorithms, and speech and text recognition technologies can continuously be improved with the help of AI. AI enables new technical possibilities that often make everyday life easier and, in the best case, also create real benefits for our society and focus on people.

This rapid progress in the field of AI raises the question to what extent the existing ethical standards and legal frameworks are compatible with these developments. Who is liable if the use of artificial intelligence harms others? Where are regulations needed? Can the protection of privacy be guaranteed despite the processing of huge amounts of data?

In order to find first answers to these questions and to identify further legal and ethical challenges in relation to AI, the digital event “Legal and ethical aspects on the subject of AI” will take place in November as part of the AI ​​Campus East Bavaria.

Target group:

The event is addressed to scientists from the fields of AI, law and ethics as well as to representatives from economy, politics, government agencies and associations.

Monday, 11-15-2021, 03.00 p.m. – 05.30 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of the cooperation platform KI Campus Ostbayern (AI Campus East Bavaria) of the INDIGO Netzwerks (Network for Internet and Digitization in East Bavaria).