Precious data – How AI methods help to use the wealth of data available in companies

In today’s knowledge society, all kinds of information are available to us within a few seconds and with just a few clicks. But it is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there is unlimited access to a wide variety of topics; on the other hand, this mass makes it difficult to filter the relevant information. Internal company data, such as those relating to production, purchasing and sales, as well as public databases (e.g. patents) are also affected by this problem. The large amounts of data can only be evaluated in a targeted manner for one’s own needs with enormous human and financial expenditure and must be converted into a usable form.

The web conference is dedicated to exactly this topic, how companies can handle the data and shows ways so that they do not fall behind. The following questions are discussed:

  • How do you keep track of specialist topics without in-depth knowledge of your own?
  • Where do you get the new trends that are relevant for your company?
  • How can suitable materials, suitable cooperation companies or assessments of the patent situation be found?
  • How do you use your own existing internal operating data meaningfully?
  • What tools are there to facilitate research and evaluation?

Subtopics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you with all the problems. The cluster meeting shows you various practice-oriented application possibilities of AI-supported knowledge management.

Target group:

Particularly decision-making people in organizations and companies are among the target group. But everyone interested who is looking for information on application examples of AI in practice is also very welcome.

Thursday, 06-10-2021, 01.00 p.m. – 03.30 p.m., virtual event

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This is an event of the Cluster Leistungselektronik im ECPE e.V. (Power electronics cluster in the ECPE) and the Bayern Innovativ – Bayerische Gesellschaft für Innovation und Wissenstransfer mbH (Bayern Innovativ – Bavarian Society for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer).