Data Science @ Regensburg: Logging & Log Data Special

Another special edition of Data Science @ Regensburg about Logging & Log Data Special. Over the last few months all sorts of data science issues were explored but one aspect has only been touched in passing, and so we thought it’s time to rectify this and focus on logging and log data. For this purpose we have invited two excellent speakers with very different backgrounds: Cathal Gurrin, Dublin City University and Sebastian König, software engineer and founder of systemticks GmbH.

This Logging & Log Data Special is about personal Lifelogs. Personal Lifelogs are media rich archives of personal data from many heterogeneous sources, such as wearable sensors, cameras and informational sensors. Recent advances in information technology have brought us to a point where it is now feasible to capture rich personal lifelogs for all individuals. However lifelogging is an unknown quantity, with little understanding of the use-cases or data analytics techniques required. In this talk, I will explore the potential of lifelogging to enhance the life experience of the individual. I will review past research in the area, and explore the various efforts underway to drive research forward by practitioners through real-world applications and by researchers through benchmarking competitions. The current state of the art of lifelog data analytics will be highlighted as well as suggestions for the next steps.

Cathal Gurrin is an Associate Professor and deputy Head of the School of Computing, at Dublin City University, Ireland and he is a co-Investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and the Adapt Centre at DCU. His research interests are personal analytics and lifelogging. Lifelogging integrates personal sensing, computer science, cognitive science and data-driven healthcare analytics to realize the next-generation of digital records for the individual. He is especially interested in how wearable sensors can be used to infer knowledge about the real-world activities of the individual and how lifelogs can be used to enhance the life experience of the individual. He regularly speaks at Quantified Self events and his research has been featured internationally on Discovery Channel, BBC, NHK, as well as in the Economist magazine, New York Times, among many others.

Wednesday 2020-06-24, 18:00, online event

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