Data Science @ Regensburg: Corona Edition

A special edition of Data Science Meetup that is dedicated to look at COVID-19 from a data science perspective.

The evening will start with Jimmy Lin who will join us to answer YOUR questions. For many years he has been a key figure in a variety of areas ranging from search to natural language processing. His team at the University of Waterloo was the first to release a state-of-the-art search engine, Neural Covidex, that would allow search over the recently released COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). He is also actively involved in running the TREC-COVID challenge that has just moved into the next round. We welcome Jimmy to answer questions you might have on any of these activities. He is happy to share insights, experiences and findings.

The second guest is Christian Schuhegger, who will give us a hands-on tour using Jupyter Notebooks to equip us with enough knowledge so that we can all go away and do our own data science analysis of infection numbers, predicted reproduction rates etc.

Wednesday 2020-05-27, 18:00, online event

Information for participation & more details:

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