Getting around

Travelling to Regensburg by Plane

  • Distance: Munich to Regensburg (105 km)
  • Direct train service between Munich airport and Regensburg (approx. 1 hour each way)

Distance: Nuremberg to Regensburg (110 km)

Frankfurt / Main
  • Distance: Frankfurt / Main to Regensburg (335 km)
  • Direct train service (approx. 3 hours)

Travelling to Regensburg by Rail & Bus


You can travel to Regensburg by train - it's quick and it's convenient. Several options are on offer including the high speed ICE. Regensburg lies on the international route linking Amsterdam - Brussels - Vienna - Budapest. There are connections from Regensburg to Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Hannover, Dortmund, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Warsaw, Prague and Munich.

You can travel to Regensburg by train from Munich / Erding airport, from Nuremberg train station and from Frankfurt airport.


Regensburg is accessible by long-distance bus from most German cities and many cities in neighbouring countries. For example, you can travel to Regensburg by FlixBus.

Travelling to Regensburg by Car

Highway A3

Cologne - Frankfurt - Nuremberg - Regensburg - Passau - Vienna

Highway A93

Munich - Regensburg - Weiden - Hof - Dresden

A-roads / Interstates: B8, B15, B16
Steinerne Brücke